Memories of RAF Witchford
Barry & Sue Alderidge


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Author: Barry & Sue Alderidge
Number of pages: 454
Publication date: 2013

Welcome to RAF Witchford under Bomber Command during WWII: from its beginnings in 1943 to the terrible statistics of lives and planes lost by 115, 195 and 196 Squadrons whilst on raids over enemy territory.

There are lucky escapes – Nicholas Alkemade who baled out of a stricken bomber without a parachute and survived.  There is tragedy when, just about to land safely back home, Lancasters are shot down by a marauding Messerschmidt ME 410 in the Intruder Incident.  Decades later, their twisted wreckage is excavated and becomes part of a lifetime project to rediscover the people who served – and the families that remember them to this day.

This is an incredible collection of personal stories, memories and photgraphs from 1943 onwards.  It gives a real insight into life on a wartime airfield and you get to know many of the young airmen and women who lived an worked there.

The book is dedicated to all those who lost their lives during World War II, especially those from RAF Witchford and RAF Mepal and is linked to the Witchford Display of Memorabilia.


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