Cromwell And His Woman
Julian Whitehead


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Author: Julian Whitehead
Number of pages: 236
Publication date: 2019

Oliver Cromwell, a pivotal and often contentious character, has long been the focus of many historical works that chart his meteoric rise from the middle-aged East Anglia farmer with no previous military experience, to command the army and become one of England’s greatest generals.

Like him or loath him Oliver Cromwell is a giant of English History. With a deft hand and strong narrative, Whitehand guides us through the remarkable life and career of Oliver Cromwell from a unique perspective. He explores not only the effect the woman in Cromwell’s life had on him, but how his career in turn dramatically altered their lives.

His wife Elizabeth became ‘Her Highness the Lady Protectress’ and his four daughters were treated as princesses before their lives turned upside down during the Restoration.

We learn of Cromwell’s close relationship with his mother , who lived with him throughout her long life, and of his deep attachment to his wife Elizabeth, who he married at twenty two without whom it is doubted he would have achieved all he did.

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