Murder Mystery Evenings at Oliver Cromwell's House


Experience a Murder Mystery Evening, with a difference


Come dine with us in Cromwell’s very own Kitchen but keep your wits about you. One of your fellow diners is harbouring a terrible secret. Let the thespian in you come out as you move around the House looking for clues to discover just which of your party is the murderer. This is an evening like no other.


This is an invitation to dine in the historic kitchen of Oliver Cromwell’s House. However, this is no ordinary dinner. Just as the guests are finishing their first course a serving maid bursts into the kitchen to announce a dead body has been found in the study and it is clearly murder.


Every one of the guests is now a suspect. Can you and your fellow diners follow a trail of clues and work out who is the culprit?


A fun packed evening’s entertainment with an opportunity to dress and act in character (but only if you want to!). Each guest will be provided with their own unique script along the way. One of your party is harbouring a terrible secret – but who?


Murder Mystery Evenings are held throughout the year on dates to suit your group or occasion. The evening includes a three-course meal including drinks and are for groups of 8 or 10 people. Price per person is £85. Contact us for more information on or call 01353 662062 and remember, the whole house is exclusively YOURS !