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  • New Escape Room - Lock in at The Cromwell Arms

    Every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 am, 12.30 pm, 2.00 pm and 3.30 pm We can also accommodate weekdays and hours outside those stated.  Please contact us to discuss further.


    Please note that as of the 2nd November until the end of December we will be running Friday Evening Sessions - Find details here.


    Following the launch of Ely’s first Escape Room, Oliver Cromwell’s House is pleased to announce the opening of its new room – a Lock-in at the Cromwell Arms.


    The new theme is set around a plot to murder Queen Victoria and bring about a new republic. The landlord of The Cromwell Arms is deeply troubled and needs your assistance to prevent this unspeakable crime.   Sessions are priced at £90 and are ideally suited for between 4 and 8 people. To find out more then please click on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


    The activity also lends itself to the corporate market, work parties or even young people's parties (aged 13 to 16).  To discuss your requirements, please email or call us on 01353 662062.

  • "Lock in at The Cromwell Arms" Escape Room - Friday Evening Sessions

    On Fridays throughout November and December 


    Gather your friends, family or work colleagues together and book your session today! This is the perfect addition to the traditional Christmas meal! Really add some excitement to your Office Christmas celebration with one of our amazing Escape Room sessions!


    Escape Rooms are the latest interactive and immersive activity to sweep the country (in fact the world!). If you love games and puzzles or just like trying new things then this is for you.


    Whilst there are now several Escape Rooms about, we believe Oliver Cromwell's House offers something that no other Escape Room experience can - the location and the atmosphere. Launched in September 2016 the games have been designed around the heritage of the building and the connection with Oliver Cromwell although being a history geek will not help you one bit!


    After a short briefing you will enter the Escape Room and find yourself in Cromwell's former Tithe Office, an original 17th century, oak panelled room, where Oliver would have counted the local taxation payments. No other location can offer this unique surrounding. 


    The current theme of this fun packed immersive adverture is set around a plot to murder Queen Victoria and bring about a new republic. The landlord of The Cromwell Arms (a throw back to when the building really was a pub in the 1800s) is deeply troubled and needs your assistance to prevent this unspeakable crime.  The landlord is worried by the behaviour of the secretive men and women of the Lord Protectors League who have turned the snug bar of the pub into their operational headquarters. Your team has to search the room looking for clues and solving puzzles to unravel their plot against the life of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Save yourselves and an innocent man from being implicated in their fiendish plot. But you only have 60 mins to work out what is being planned. 

     We can also arrange for pre or post drinks, guided tours of Oliver Cromwell's House or other puzzle/quiz activities elsewhere within the House, suitable for if you have more than one group. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

  • Behind Closed Doors - What would the Cromwells say?

    Running every day throughout November and December


    Cromwell is renowned for many things and supposedly banning Christmas is one of them. However, we just couldn't see our House without any decorations this Christmas.  So we have just placed one Christmas decoration in each room.  Pick up our trail and find out more about Christmas traditions and what the Cromwell family may well have said about our adornments!


    It is a common myth that Cromwell personally banned Christmas, although it was more the case that all Puritans thought Christmas celebrations were wasteful, decadent and pagan.  Puritans believed that Christmas should be treated as any other working day and shops and markets had to stay open and anyone caught attending a special Christmas church service would suffer consequences.


    As you can imagine, the ban was hugely unpopular and many people continued to celebrate Christmas secretly, behind closed doors.  On your tour of the House thoughout November and December you will see a typical Christmas decoration in each room.  We have provided a little background information as to when these traditions came about and then added some personal thoughts from the Cromwell family!


    This fun trail is included as part of the normal admission fee.

  • The Festive Feast

    5th December 2018 at 10am


    Although Christmas was banned during the Commonwealth, many people still celebrated in secret.


    Join Nora Gardner, local guide and historian to learn about flavours and ingredients that constituted a typical 17th Century Christmas feast.


    All admissions include tastings!

    Tickets - £15 per person.


  • Christmas Walks - 29 December 2018

    City of Ely Guided Walk


    What better way of discovering the history of this magnificent city than being guided around its splendid array of medieval paths and monastic buildings. Discover the origins of the Cathedral and the importance of trade in this former Isle of Eels. 


    Walks will begin from Oliver Cromwell's House. Pre-booking is advised to avoid disappointment and tickets can be booked on-line. 


    Distance:  approx 1 mile    Duration: 1 hour 15 mins to 1 hour 30 mins

  • Christmas Walks - 30 December 2018

    Architecture of Ely Guided Walk


    Ely is truly a magical mix of buildings constructed in dramatically different periods of British History. Discover the wealth of architecture of some of Ely's period, historical buildings during this walk with our informed guide.


    Walks will begin from Oliver Cromwell's House. Pre-booking is advised to avoid disappointment. 


    Distance:approx 1 mile


    Duration: 1 hour 15 mins to 1 hour 30 mins