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Escape Rooms
The Tomb of The Templars - Escape Room
Escape Rooms are the latest interactive and immersive activity to sweep the country (in fact the world!). If you love games and puzzles or just like trying new things then this is for you. Parties - Maxiumum 6 Players
£80.00 60 minutes
Signs and Symbols
Uncover Ely's historical past by exploring sings and symbols, hear stories that include burnings at the stake, murder and mayhem, love, dedication and religious zeal to name just a few.
£7.50 90 minutes
Sessions House Ely
As the colder months approach, why not explore Sessions House, the former law court of Ely. Learn about the history of the building over the last 200 years, the crimes that were tried there and it's transformation to a Magistrates Court.
£8.50 60 minutes
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Ely - The Heart of a City Tour
Ely has been a bustling destination for over a millenium. From it's beginnings as an island outpost in t he undrained Cambridgeshire Fens to the vibrant Market City that attracts 4 million visitors to the East Cambridgeshire district every single year.
£7.50 90 minutes
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Monastic Ely Tour with Tea and Cake
Conclude your tour with a refreshing and relaxing midafternoon treat in the form of a hot drink and a slice of cake at the gorgeous Poets House.
£14.00 90 minutes
The Ely Highlights Tour
There is so much to see in Ely, so much to learn and sometimes we get asked "Where do I begin?" - We have the perfect answer- The Ely Highlights Tour!
£7.50 90 minutes
Riverside Ramble and Roast Tour
Ely is a location that has grown around the River Great Ouse. Once the bustling industrial centre of the City, it is now transformed in to the perfect location for leisure and relaxation.
£21.00 90 minutes
Trials of Terror at Sessions House
Now is your chance to step back into the mists of history and bare witness to moments from some of the most notorious trials that took place in Ely. From murderers to witches, sit before the "Hanging" Judge, hear the tesimonies of the poor souls wrapped up in these ghoulish tales and act as the jury - will you agree with history?
£30.00 90 minutes
Oliver Cromwell in Ireland: Defending the Devil
£12.50 90 minutes
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House Closure – 3rd October 2023


Oliver Cromwell’s House will be closed today until 1.45pm due to pre-booked educational tours.  


The Tourist Information Centre and Gift Shop remain open.

House Closure – 29th September 2023


Oliver Cromwell’s House – Admissions today will be limited to 2pm until 3.15pm due to a pre-booked Guided Tours. 


The Tourist Information Centre and Gift Shop remain open.

Admission to Oliver Cromwell’s House – 4th April 2024

Due to a pre-booked Guided Tour Admission to Oliver Cromwell’s House will be unavailable from 2.30pm today.

We apologise for any inconvenience – the Tourist Information Centre and Gift Shop remains open.