The Savage 17th Century Guided Tour (and all itís horrid bits)

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Thursday 1st June at 11.30am


Join us for this one off return of our family guided tour with Professor A Bismal.


It is with great fanfare and celebration that Oliver Cromwell’s House can announce that for a limited time only our very own Professor Arthur Victor Montgomery Bismal will be providing a guided tour revealing and revelling in “the bits teachers are too grossed out to tell you!” – Not for the weak of stomach!



Professor A Bismal is a barely known, self appointed eccentric Professor of the Unseen Arts, and a graduate of the Indivisible College (in other words we've made him up!).  In his own words: “In some circles I am known as the Regent of Revolting and in others the Father of Foul. Other people call me 'The weird bloke who likes gross history'... those people aren’t invited! I prefer to describe myself as a Professor of Gore. I am fascinated by the bits of history that teachers would never tell you, the bits that would make old ladies gasp in shock and the stories that would make animals, including hamsters, shiver with shock.  This is your rare chance to take a guided tour with Professor A Bismal, around Oliver Cromwell’s House, as he tells you all about the truly horrid bits of history.  Discover the awful origins of a favourite playground poem, be disturbed by the tales of a long dead head and it’s life after death and if you’re very lucky, the Professor will share his favourite recipes with you.....

Book now and discover all about Professor A Bismal, the one they warned you about!  The tour is suitable for people ages 6 to 106 years of age. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  All tickets priced £4 per person.  Please book on-line or for further information call 01353 662062.